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A good ranking in the OCIMF/SIRE Database is an essential tool for independent owners of tanker vessels in order to ensure employment for their vessels.

A Pre-vetting Inspection can help minimising or even eliminating the risk of negative observations during a SIRE Vetting, thus maintaining a low observation score in the database.

During a Pre-vetting Inspection we visit the vessel and perform an in-depth inspection covering all areas on board in relation to the SIRE Vetting programme with special focus on the Vessel Inspection Questionnaire (VIQ) in order to prepare the vessel for an upcoming vetting.

Vetting Inspections are a snapshot evaluation of your operating procedures, implementation, and condition of the vessel and her equipment. It is crucial to keep your vessels prepared all the time for the vetting to maximize commercial opportunities.

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Almost all trading operators around the world have adopted vetting as a pre-selection process for vessels offered for chartering by measuring their compliance with Minimum Marine Safety Criteria. With Covid Situation persisting it becomes all the more important for Ship Managers and Ship owners to look for Remote Vetting Inspection to ensure that their vessels are being properly operated and are in a suitable condition to embark on the safe voyage. ALG Risk Manager (ARM) comes with :

  • Pre-Loaded VIQ (Vessel’s Inspection Questionnaire)

  • Online Submission of ship’s condition and crew’s certificates, cargo papers and vessel’s records

  •  Timely Implementation of the requirements and improved management systems

  • Remote assess of safety management system against listed elements in the VPIQ

  • Optimized vessel performance and increased Safety and environmental excellence

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Navigation is an area under close review by risk assessment teams. Navigational audits are already a requirement of the Tanker Management and Self Assessment (TMSA) 3- Stage 4 and becoming more common in other trades, for example bulk carriers. Even though not a mandatory requirement, it is an element which speaks to a company’s operational quality as well as a tool to improve performance, not only in the tanker business but also in order to satisfy charterers’ requirements.

Navigational audits assess how the ship is handled by the crew, what kind of support is provided shoreside and can reveal important navigational and bridge management errors, which could potentially lead to a collision or grounding. Improvements to existing Safety Management Systems can also be identified through the auditing process.

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A Remote Navigation Audit provides an objective independent check by a trained auditor that the correct procedures are being followed on board. The human element is generally acknowledged to be a major factor still in many shipping incidents and accidents so this audit reduces the risk of future accidents occurring.Where a planned sailing navigational assessment has not been possible or where no other option for conducting a sailing audit is immediately available, the Superintendent utilizes VDR downloads to conduct an unannounced remote navigation audit, in order to assess navigational practices on board.The process should be over a fixed time span and involve a critical passage such as a Straits transit, port approach or pilotage situation.

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Cargo audits are performed with the aim to first evaluate and secondly to assist the crew understand the most effective practices of conducting a safe cargo operation. Current workflows are audited towards established procedures as well as industry standards and best practices. Effective planning, awareness and familiarization with the ship’s machinery and equipment along with leadership and cooperation of the team are evaluated.

During Mooring audits, operational practices and compliance with industry guidelines and Company’s procedures are audited. Leadership, mooring skills and effectiveness of the personnel, involved in mooring operations, are evaluated. Condition of mooring equipment and compliance with international requirements is verified.

We delivers to the client a comprehensive report analyzing the results of the audits, by identifying areas of improvement and potential risks, as well as proposing effective preventive measures.

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Ship pre-purchase inspection is one of the most exhaustive type of inspections. The scope is the full inspection of the ship, supplemented by special areas of concern or any client’s needs. We can attend any type of ship,  tanker, bulk-carrier, container-ships, ferry, ro-ro, car-carriers, livestock vessels, etc., to carry out pre-purchase inspection in order to  asses the condition of the ship prior to be purchased. We carry out ship pre-purchase inspections on behalf of buyers, appointed by a wide range of companies: Global Inspection Companies, Ship Managers, Ship Operators, Ship Owners, Ship Brokers, S&P Companies, etc.

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A vessel condition survey is a statement of fact. ALG Maritime surveyors and inspectors report on the condition of a particular vessel’s hull and machinery, and other equipment condition at the given time of the inspection. The survey will typically determine the working or operational condition of equipment and management systems, including their certification status. 

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ISM&ISPS, MLC  internal audits are crucial for the management company in order to check and verify implementation of the SMS. In case of travel restrictions and cost-efficient reasons, our experienced auditor will carry out internal audits on behalf of you with wide region of availability in short notice.

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